The U.S. Department of State was recognized by Forbes as one of the nation’s top state employers for 2022.

Top state employers for 2022 – Forbes survey.

The U.S. Department of State has been designated one of America’s Best-In-State Employers for both Virginia and Washington, DC for 2022 by Forbes in collaboration with Statista. In both DC and Virginia, the department came in third place for government services.

The readiness of American employees at U.S. businesses with more than 500 employees—roughly 70,000 people—to promote their own employers to friends and family was rated. Additionally, workers assessed competing employers in their respective industries and noted any positive or negative characteristics that stood out.

The study took into account all facets of an employee’s experience, such as working conditions, pay, room for advancement, and diversity. Only a chosen few businesses per state out of the thousands that are eligible for this honor actually earn the award.

You may get more details about the survey here: The Best Employers in America by State for 2022, according to Forbes top state employers for 2022.

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