The FTC Requests Additional Public Comments on Digital Media Advertising to Children

In conjunction with an event in October to examine kids’ ability to distinguish digital ads from surrounding content, FTC is asking for comments.

Additional public feedback on how children are impacted by digital advertising and marketing communications that may blur the line between commercials and entertainment is being sought by the Federal Trade Commission. The use of digital media by marketers to target children is growing. This includes inserting advertisements in video sharing websites; social media sites through posts from influencers and celebrities; games; virtual worlds; and other digital settings.

The FTC is looking for feedback from the public in connection with an event on October 19, 2022 that will look at these issues.

To allow for those who wish to offer feedback on the subjects covered at the digital advertising event in October, the public will have until November 18, 2022, to make comments. The event page has instructions on how to comment. Comments submitted will be published on The comments that were previously filed in response to the FTC’s notification regarding the October event in May have been evaluated by staff, and those commenters are welcome to resubmit their comments on or submit new ones.

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