Do you know about the details of the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA)? 

Labor Act (EMTALA)

•The Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA) provides rights to any individual who comes to a hospital emergency department and requests examination or treatment. In particular, if such a request is made, hospitals must provide an appropriate medical screening examination to determine whether an emergency medical condition (EMC) exists or whether the person is … Read more

Abortion Is Shaking Up Attorneys General Races and Exposing Limits to Their Powers


As the country grapples with states’ newfound power to regulate abortion in the aftermath of this summer’s U.S. Supreme Court decision, state attorney general candidates are staking claims on what they’ll do to fight or defend access to abortion — and that’s attracting cash and votes. “By pretty much every indicator there is in a … Read more

For Kids With Kidney Disease, Pediatric Expertise Is Key — But Not Always Close By

Kids With Kidney Disease

Jaxon Green, 6, was diagnosed with kidney disease the day he was born. Due to his illness, he would require daily dialysis to maintain his life for years. And because his family lives in Tamaqua, a rural Pennsylvania town, his diagnosis also meant taking frequent two-hour trips to Philadelphia to see the closest pediatric nephrologist … Read more