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Who we are

At USA News Times (usanewstimes.com), we empathize with and concentrate on the people in all of our stories. In all of our reporting, whether it be on the news, politics, or entertainment, we put the needs of the people first. We also focus on real stories about real people. You can depend on USA News-Times to help you understand what’s happening in the world and how it impacts you, no matter who you are, where you live, or what you believe. In all of our articles, we take into account the wants, interests, and curiosity of our readers. Anything important to our readers is important to us.

In USA News-Times, we pay attention to our readers’ concerns and write about those issues.
We’ll discuss a range of topics from different points of view in an authentic, relatable voice; are true both global and local, with locally staffed newsrooms and editions around the world; and include a variety of viewpoints that are not typically included in the discourse.

Our Promise to Diversity
Our mission, in our opinion, heavily depends on diversity—in who we are, in the readers for whom we write, and in the people whose stories we tell. We want to tell stories that matter to a varied audience by writing for them rather than merely about the people who are excluded from established power structures. This entails including a variety of viewpoints in our reporting, aggressively pursuing diversity in our newsroom, and keeping an open mind when it comes to our readers and viewers.

Corrections, standards, and disclosures
USA News Times (usanewstimes.com) makes an effort to provide factual reporting, transparent and extensive sources, and fair and unbiased analysis. When feasible, USA News Times tries to confirm and authenticate facts using different sources. USA News-Times gives sources anonymity so they can share information in the public interest without placing themselves in danger, but does not give sources anonymity so they can avoid being held accountable for their beliefs.

USA News Times (usanewstimes.com) attempts to quickly rectify any errors, and a correction note is always included at the conclusion of a story to explain what was fixed and how. For more egregious mistakes, more noticeable notices might be included. Only after a senior editor has thoroughly reviewed the piece and discovered significant errors in the reporting would USA Today retract it, always with an editor’s note.

USA News Times (usanewstimes.com) discloses ties with outside partners who may underwrite any area of coverage and includes labels to indicate when an article is commercial content (including sponsored content).
U2U Services, a provider of digital content, is the owner of USA News-Times.

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